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Suspension Repair in Telford, PA

Properly aligned steering and suspension can help deliver a smooth and controlled ride. We provide automotive repairs for Telford, Souderton, Hilltown, Franconia, Hatfield, Salford, Sellersville  and all surrounding areas.

What they do

The steering system and suspension systems bear the weight of your vehicle, maintain the tires on the road while driving, and assist in delivering a hassle-free, safe drive.

Why service is necessary

The steering and suspension system should be checked at least once a year to prevent significant repairs. Anytime you feel your vehicle is showing symptoms of steering or suspension troubles have one of our technicians check to correct the issue.

Indicators that your vehicle steering and suspension system requires inspection:

Pulling to the side

Complications driving over uneven roads or dips

Vehicle continues to bounce after going over a bump

Troubles steering

Steering wheel shakes or has excessive play in it

Vehicle feels like it wanders on the road

Our steering and suspension system inspections consist of:


Checking power steering fluid


Checking tightness of nuts and bolts


Checking for uneven tires or wear


Checking for unbalanced wheels


Checking ball joints, tie rods, and other steering linkages


Checking for problems with alignment


Checking shocks and/or struts


Checking steering Wheel Alignment


Checking for torn or used power steering belts